Transform traditional monolithic core systems with lower risk and investments.

InsureMO helps you transform your Core into a multi-tier architecture breaking the traditional monoliths into any existing user apps or new modern user apps, high scalable Middle Office (InsureMO) and any stable System of Record.

Accelerate your time to market by 5X

Ready digital connectivity for internal and external ecosystems through APIs

Improve productivity by 50% with workflows

Dynamic case management, inbuilt formulas, rules and workflows

Complete policy lifecycle management

From new business to claims, maturity, underwriting and more...

Launch new products faster with quick setup

Quick setup in weeks vs. months of traditional implementation

Open API-enabled, app-based distributed Architecture

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For Executive decision makers

Drive scalable growth and diversification across markets with a unified infrastructure

For Product Managers

Quickly create, configure, and manage any product for any ecosystem

For Product Developers

Streamline your business by aligning product memos with software design principles