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Digital Insurance Product Library (DIPL)

Products, Components, and pre-assembled product SKU’s and Product Models

InsureMO Digital Insurance Product Library (DIPL) is a central depository of insurance product data, independent of run time software. It aims to enable users with different levels of insurance knowledge to manage insurance products based on their needs.

For the most straightforward scenarios, InsureMO DIPL Catalog has mainstream and popular insurance products in key markets as ready to go form so that users can focus on business decisions and pick and launch with minimum adjustments. For scenarios where new products are truly created that do not exist in the market now, InsureMO DIPL offer templates as well as a full warehouse of components to enable flexible assembly of truly new products.

In short, InsureMO DIPL aims to make insurance product management easy, again regardless which run time software being used!

Exhaustive and extensive products and related components.

Learn more about industry covers; understand the difference between Base Product, Market Product and Product Plans.

Intuitive graphical tree view, or traditional table view

Understand SKU variations, complex constructs such as coverages, and risks, data tables, and rules associated with a product using a simple and easy to understand method.

The perfect tool for Insurance Product Managers

Create your own private product library, use content from InsureMO’s library, or manage your own product lifecycle.

Create and repurpose product models

Create insurance product models that can correctly record insurance product nuances to help simplify product management and software implementation complexities.