eBaoTech Congratulates its Customer VSure.life on Launching as Malaysia’s first On-Demand Lifestyle Digital Insurer

September 07, 2021

eBaoTech is honored to share that its customer, Malaysia-based VSure.life (VSure) became the country’s first on-demand lifestyle digital insurer approved by Malaysia’s Financial Industry Regulator. eBaoTech is very proud to support VSure’s business launch as a technology partner with its PaaS solution, InsureMO®

Over the coming months, VSure will be introducing a series of on-demand protection solutions with the pay-per-use feature which reflects its commitment to making protection truly accessible, and contributing to a future where protection can be inclusive and a second nature for all.

VSure adopted InsureMO as a technology enablement platform to support VSure’s end to end policy user journey, from purchasing to claim, providing seamless/easy to understand, and a stress-free user experience that accommodates the unique and dynamic modern lifestyles of Malaysians. The OpEx (operating expenses or expenditure) commercial model and the public cloud/microservice based architecture provide strong business agility and scalability to VSure.

VSure’s protection plans are available exclusively on its digital platforms, via its website (www.vsure.life) and the VSure mobile app (available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store). Leveraging the APIs from InsureMO for policy issuance and administration, to claims submission and claims status update direct to the customers, VSure offers its customers with more coverage plans from Life, Health & Medical, Home, Personal Accident, Travel, Motor to Takaful provided by other local insurers and will expand to more affinity channels such as banks, ecommerce websites, OTAs, etc.

“On behalf of VSure, we would like to thank the eBaoTech team for all their hard work, commitment and innovative ideas on the development of the mobile solution. The formal business launch in Malaysia is a very important milestone and momentous occasion for VSure. This is just the beginning of our journey and there will certainly be more enhancements to come as continuously enhance our offerings for the dynamic modern lifestyles of consumers, with the introduction of more products and features. We look forward to a continuous and fruitful collaboration with eBaoTech,” commented by Jason Ho, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of VSure.life. One of the main reasons VSure chose InsureMO is because it allows VSure to create and introduce insurance products faster, and its ability to easily and quickly integrate with many different platforms.

“We are so excited to support VSure’s business launch. eBaoTech has a company mission to ‘make insurance easy’. The two companies share same mission to provide inclusive insurance to people at all levels with the power of digitization. By working together, we anticipate to offer more cost-effective coverage plans, more product variations/options and slicker digital insurance experience to Malaysians,” added by Woody Mo, CEO and founder of eBaoTech.

InsureMO is an insurance middleware platform for insurers, traditional channels, new affinity channels, InsurTechs and start-ups; enabling use cases for any product and channel. As a PaaS platform, InsureMO is the chip enabling easy and fast digitization of insurance applications, APIs and ecosystems allowing insurers and channels to connect products. Solution providers, InsurTechs, and tech companies can integrate digital insurance software, while distributors connect insurance apps – all at lightning speed. From nimble start-ups to $7bn insurers and over 300 global implementations, InsureMO is a proven enterprise-level solution. Explore or sign up now at insuremo.co.jp

About VSure.life

VSure.life (VSure) is Malaysia’s first lifestyle protection partner that aspires to be the leading Digital insurer in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2018, VSure takes pride in celebrating the evolving modern lifestyles of consumers by continuously reimagining protection to be more accessible, envisioning a future where protection is inclusive and becomes a second nature for everyone. To find out more about VSure, visit their website at www.vsure.life