Annual Newsletter of InsureMO

2021 was a great year for InsureMO. Your trust and confidence in our vision have helped InsureMO to become a leading Insurance Open Platform globally with each passing day we are adding new products, APIs, micro verticals and customers.

Below is a summary of Who, Where and What we did in 2021.

Carriers: Life Insurance arm of one of the top 10 global banks recently selected InsureMO to build a collection of user apps and a system of record based microservices architecture, all powered by InsureMO as the middleware. A leading general insurer in India powering millions of daily policies from bite sized to traditional products such as motor and health sold through various channels. One of the largest European insurer building their own core system for their Brazil business using InsureMO as a middleware platform.

Traditional channels: 6 out of top 10 car dealers and the largest local car manufacturer in China issued more than 5 million policies in 2021 on platform powered by InsureMO.

Affinity channels: A leading FinTech company in Southeast Asia, reaching over 10 million consumers per month and working with more than 220 financial institutions. One of the largest retail chains in LATAM market driving digital insurance distribution. A trucking company in the US embedding insurance as part of their value chain. JV of a top Telco and an insurer in Africa driving micro insurance product distribution.

InsurTech: The first digital insurers in Malaysia and Philippines chose InsureMO as a platform to build their tech platform. Largest ecommerce player in India leveraging InsureMO as a middleware platform to build its Insurance distribution and embedded capabilities. European InsurTech focused on everyday needs of independent workers, by providing them with better income protection used InsureMO as a base platform to build its APP.

We are and will be investing very heavily on our R&D and global operations to truly become a global platform and grow multiple times in 2022. With 15+ cloud instances globally across AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud, our global operations are supporting 300+ customers and 100+ partners from our Shanghai, India and Brazil centers.

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